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Customer Care

We have developed a unique customer care service center to ensure proper and uninterrupted service to the esteemed members of Marriage Band.
Educated smart twenty (20) persons every morning at 10:00 am. From 06:00 pm. Until sitting in front of the computer and are engaged for your service.
Customer Care Center is divided into Expatriate Citizen/ Business/ Defense/ BCS/ Government Jobs/ Multinational Company Jobs/ Private Company Jobs/ Doctor Engineer etc. Departments.
Each member is assigned a specific customer care executive according to the department according to his/her needs.
He/she will keep in touch with the members, including receiving calls, calling back if necessary, exchanging biodata, providing CVs on demand, checking mails and giving feedback, talking to members' preferred spouses, fixing meeting dates and venues as agreed by both parties, etc. He will be engaged in fulfilling the needs of the members.
If there is any honest suggestion or complaint regarding the service, if it is informed to the authority, the authority must take it into account and appropriate action will be taken. Inshallah


Seven (7) educated smart experienced marketing officers are engaged for new biodata collection.
Sources of Biodata Collection:
Advertisement: Daily Prothom Alo newspaper collects new biodata by providing regular advertisement.
References: I get new biodata of references of various marriages completed through marriage.
Service Center: We get new biodata from the most satisfied members by the customer care service of Bibaha Bandhan.