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Who We Are

Alhamdulillah The journey started in 2005 . We are looking for Doctor-Engineer, Hons-Masters, BBA, MBA candidates from public and private universities of the country and graduates with MSC and PhD from reputed universities in USA / Canada / Australia / UK /German / Switzerland / Singapore / Japan / Belgium. We have huge database of Brides and Grooms biodata. We provide unique and accurate information rich biodata. We are always careful to protect the privacy of our esteemed members. Taking necessary precautions, we match the profile by checking the age, height, education and family background of the bride/groom and exchange the biodata with the help of e-mail.
{ Note: We do not publish any profile on the website }

Why Choose Us

Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media has been working with dedication and integrity for 12 years, we always try to work with a little bit of accuracy and privacy, so far we have not publicized any of the marriages we have done, we protect the privacy of clients. We have a CV bank of about 12,000 educated, well-educated, established people from home & abroad, which is unique. We work according to the client’s needs. Using exclusive methods, our marriage services in Bangladesh stand out from the competition. Our staff at Matchmakers is committed to helping you find the ideal partner while providing a smooth and reliable experience. Our success lies in our commitment to creating an ideal life partner for guests with professionalism and efficiency. By getting to know you as a person, not just a ‘client’ we feel confident that we can help you find someone who is your ideal soul mate. Join us for a joyful journey towards finding your life partner.
অস্ট্রেলিয়ার সিটিজেন ডিভোর্স পাত্র - Australian Citizen Divorce Groom- about us
Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media -Bride

{ Note: We do not publish any profile on the website }

Our Speciality

Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media’s mission is to completely transform Bangladesh’s marriage media sector. We think that altering people’s perspectives on matchmaking might change lives. Reliability and privacy are prioritized as our dedicated team works constantly to offer the above matchmaking services. 
Bibaho Bodhon Marriage Media is an Islamic marriage media that is a Reputable, Leading, Reliable, Skilled, and Successful Marriage Media in Dhaka, that can proffer you stylish proffers. 
We’ve some decent Bangladeshi marriage Biodata from Respectable Families for you your Son or Daughter who’s Well Educated, Elite, Well Established, and further – those fully fit for you and your family. We understand the requirements and significance of a perfect match. We try to give our guests the loftiest services. 
So, choose Bibaha Bondhon  Marriage Media as your number one Bangladesh marriage point and search for the right life mate at the right time by our Agency.

Owner Message

About us -Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media - Charmain

MD Ruhul Amin


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, All praises to Almighty Allah who has created me as an Ashraful creature and through my profession has given me the opportunity to marry the most important of the best creatures of creation, I am thankful to Allah for that. May Allah fill all the married lives of the world with happiness and peace and match every bride and groom with a suitable spouse.
আমাদের সম্পর্কে - বিবাহ বন্ধন ম্যারেজ মিডিয়া - ম্যানেজিং ডিরেক্টর

Kamrul Hasan Osman

Managing Director

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
All praises to Almighty Allah who is my Creator, Sustainer, Who keeps me healthy, Who loves me so much, Alhamdulillah.
First of all, I started with my own marriage, then I had to struggle a lot to find a match for my younger brother’s marriage, my friend’s marriage, and my relative’s marriage. I have done several marriages as a hobby. Since then, I thought that marriage is very important, complicated, and romantic.
We are humans, source of income is essential to live our lives. So I thought that the source of income in my life would be something that would play an important role in the welfare of people.
There will be romance, complexity, laughter, and joy. Marriage is a very important social and religious event in people’s lives, with a lot of complexity and romance. So I decided to choose marriage as my profession. That marriage became my profession after hobby which has now turned into my addiction. All the time only thinking about marriage. In my early life, I used to go to people’s homes and offices to find brides and grooms, then Ruhul Amin Bhai who is my current partner and one of my closest friends, good friends. Our official journey begins with him. Alhamdulillah, almost an era has passed. Alhamdulillah, thousands of marriages have already been completed with our efforts.
We try to be selective from the beginning, we try more to provide good service to our esteemed members than we do to make members. We match profiles by age, height, education, and family background. We search for marriage of educated boys and girls in the country and abroad. Our greatest asset is our integrity. We have no compromise there. Only Allah is the owner of marriage we try with sincerity. Alhamdulillah, there is no sector in the country where two or four marriages are not done through us. Business Sector, Politics Sector, Bank Sector, Defense Sector, Police Sector, Doctor Sector, Engineer Sector, Multinational Sector etc. Outside the country, we have worked in many countries in Europe including America, Canada, Australia, and England. I enjoy this work. I got a lot of respect, I got people’s blessings.
Therefore, I express satisfaction with my work in the court of Almighty Allah, Alhamdulillah.

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