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Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media

Best Assisted Matrimony in Bangladesh

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About us

Alhamdulillah The journey started in 2005 . Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media is a leading Bangladeshi marriage media organization that offers online and offline matchmaking services. With a responsible and resourceful approach, our company has learned matchmaking to deliver genuine and secure matches.' Bibaha Bondhon' is known as the stylish and most dependable" Marriage Brand'' in the matchmaking world of Bangladesh. Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media is the country's quality and leading marriage agency service provider, visible for its authenticity, dependability, quality, credibility, and success rate. We have a large database of Doctor- Engineer, Hons- Masters, BBA, and MBA candidates from public and private universities of the country and graduates with MSC and Ph.D. from reputed universities in the USA/ Canada Australia/ UK/ Germany/ Switzerland/ Singapore/ Japan/ Belgium. We have a huge database of Brides' and Grooms's biodata. We deliver unique and accurate information-rich biodata. people say bibaha bondhon is the best marriage media in Bangladesh. However, Biabha Bondhon Marriage Media is the perfect choice for you, If you are searching for a dependable and devoted matchmaking service provider.
{ Note: We do not publish any profile on the website }

our mission

Our Mission

Our main objective is to be known as the best marriage media in the country. Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media’s main mission is to strengthen and connect the Bangladeshi community worldwide by providing the most effective and reliable matchmaking services in Bangladesh. We want to deliver our services to every home. We want to deliver our services to the people with offices in every upazila.

Our business also extends to creating unforgettable marriage occasions and matrimonial expositions that give a special and pleasurable proficiency to our factors.

Additionally, we’re committed to raising fit and long-continuing relations, and our charge is to authorize our members with the tools and finances necessary to put up successful marriages. Our ultimate thing is to be the most trusted and considered marriage media in Bangladesh and beyond.

Our Services

we provide best matchmaking services

Find Bride & Groom

Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media is available to help people searching for a bride /groom for themselves or a family member. we have about 12000 thousand CVs in stock.


Our service team has mastered matchmaking to provide genuine and trustworthy matches.People say Bibaha bondhon marriage media is the best marriage media in Bangladesh

Marriage Counseling

Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media has been one of Bangladesh’s most successful and trusted Bengali matrimonial organizations since 2005. Our dynamic team of experts.

Why People Choosing Us

Unlimited Database

We have many mediums of CV collection. We have about 15k+ CVs in our database.we have a large database of established brides & grooms.

Reliable & Trustworthy

we have been a reliable & trustworthy leading marriage media in Bangladesh since 2005.We have been providing services by gaining people’s trust and appreciation.

Expert Service Team

We have a team of skilled matchmakers, who are always ready to fulfill your requirements and stay in touch with you. They provide services according to the client’s needs.


We do not publish any profiles on the website. we are hiding all important information about the client. Even after the wedding, we do not advertise the wedding photos anywhere to maintain the privacy of our clients.

Affordable and Efficient

Our service fees and wedding fees are very low, we give high priority to client service. No client of ours has to suffer for service by paying money.

Online & Offline Service

Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media provides offline and online services. We have been providing online services in the country and abroad.

Our Service Process


First, you need to register us here, once you register we will start providing you service. We will continue to provide services until you are married

2.CV Matchmaking

after registration, we provide a CV, our expert matchmaker sends you a lot of CVs with your proper requirements. if you choose a CV, then we send your CV to the opposite person.


When the bride and groom choose each other we arrange a meeting with the parents of the two families.

4.Final Decision

When the bride and groom like each other. Then each family inquires about another family background and their responsibility.

Membership Packages


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Contact us






Contact us

Kamrul Hasan Osman


Md. Ruhul Amin


Message From The Managing Director & Chairman

আমাদের সম্পর্কে - বিবাহ বন্ধন ম্যারেজ মিডিয়া - ম্যানেজিং ডিরেক্টর

Kamrul Hasan Osman

Managing Director

All praises to Almighty Allah, who is our Creator, Sustainer, Who keeps me healthy, Who loves us so much, Alhamdulillah.
First of all, I started with my own marriage, then I had to struggle a lot to find a match for my younger brother's marriage, my friend's marriage, my relatives' marriage. I have done several marriages as a hobby. Since then, I thought that marriage is very important, complicated and romantic. We are humans, source of income is essential to live our lives. So I thought that the source of income in my life would be something that would play an important role in the welfare of people. There will be romance, complexity, laughter and joy. Marriage is a very important social and religious event in people's lives, with a lot of complexity and romance. So I decided to choose marriage as my profession. That marriage became my profession after hobby which has now turned into my addiction. All the time only thinking about marriage. In my early life, I used to go to people's homes and offices to find brides and grooms, then Ruhul Amin Bhai who is my current partner and one of my closest friends, good friends. Our official journey begins with him. Alhamdulillah, almost an era has passed. Alhamdulillah, thousands of marriages have already been completed with our efforts.

About us -Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media - Charmain

MD Ruhul Amin


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, All praises to Almighty Allah who has created me as an Ashraful creature and through my profession has given me the opportunity to marry the most important of the best creatures of creation, I am thankful to Allah for that. May Allah fill all the married lives of the world with happiness and peace and match every bride and groom with a suitable spouse.



Asset 1
PhD, Engineer, Doctor, CA, Barrister, BBA, MBA, Hons, Masters, English Medium and Bangla Medium.
Asset 2

Bangladesh, America, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and other European countries.


BCS Officer, Defense Officer, Industrialist Businessman, Lecturer, Banker, Government Officer, Multi National Company Jobs and Private Company Jobs, etc.


Boy: 21 to 60 years.
Female: 18 to 50 years.


Unmarried, Divorced, Widowed.


About eleven (11) thousand biodata.

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Active Members
Raihan Kabir
Raihan Kabir
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Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media has helped me a lot in finding my perfect life partner. They are very responsible for their work.
Nishat Tasnim
Nishat Tasnim
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Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media is the best marriage media I have ever seen. They are Good for matchmaking, their work procedure is very good enough for finding the perfect match.
Nazul Ahammad
Nazul Ahammad
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They are the same in word and deed. They do the same after taking money. Those who are looking for a bride and groom like to work with Biabaha Bondhon. Anyone looking for a bride can contact them
Dr.Rezaul Karim
Dr.Rezaul Karim
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Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media One of Most popular Trusted media in Bangladesh. This media always focus there service .All Clients satisfied i'm also satisfied. I think this is a good way to find a mate
Murshalin Khan
Murshalin Khan
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I highly recommend this matrimonial agency ❤️those who are looking for life partner👰. They are doing great job by matching in honest way. They have good numbers of bride-groom collection😍, so you can find your match easily . I thank them for thier effort and hard work.
Papia Sultana
Papia Sultana
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I enthusiastically suggest this wedding office the people who are searching for soul mate. They are doing extraordinary work by matching in fair manner. They have great quantities of spouse assortment, so you can find your match without any problem. I say thanks to them for thier exertion and difficult work.
Faraz Chowdhury
Faraz Chowdhury
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marriage media is by far the most successful couple in Bangladesh. Customer information is 100% secure and there is no chance of fraud.
Morshed Alam
Morshed Alam
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Bibaha Bondhon marriage media best media in bd. There service all over awesome. There all data perfect data & matching all over good. Carry on all the best
Sahinur Rahman
Sahinur Rahman
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Bibaha Bondhon marriage Media is one of the largest marriage service agencies in Bangladesh. They are a very helpful, genuine and trustworthy Organization. They have all kinds of professions on their website.
Rasel Mia
Rasel Mia
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If you find a perfect couple is tough then get in touch with TMM. A pool of professionals are ready to find you a life mate with within short time. Highly recommended
Nupur Akter
Nupur Akter
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Great service . I am very much satisfied with their services
Karim Ahammad
Karim Ahammad
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Thank you Bibaha Bondhon Marriage Media for bringing us such a beautiful wedding service. I hope everyone will benefit and you will move forward.

Our Terms and Conditions

Must provide correct information in biodata, please do not provide wrong information.
* Before finalizing the date of marriage, research about the bride/groom should be done on your own responsibility.
* Marriage Fees for marriage must be paid at the time of cabin.
* If the marriage is completed by any means other than the marriage bond, your service must be terminated by informing the marriage bond.
* Please remember your member ID number.
* Minimum educational qualification is Bachelor studying in case of girls and Bachelor complete in case of boys.

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